Community Manager

A social media package suitable for businesses which have not started social media yet or seek help with their existing accounts. We take over two (2) social media channels of your choice: identify your audience, design strategy and content, post and monitor. We get our hands ‘dirty’ creating amazing content, managing your community, while you do what you do the best – run your business.

Watch my Space

A social media package for busy social butterflies who need to have all the eyes available on their channels. This package is suitable for heavy social media customer service assistance and businesses who wish to be on top of everything everywhere. We watch your space and reply to all the queries coming through. We work closely with you to make sure the message is unified or customised so that your clients are taken care off in the online world.

Brand Manager

A social media package suitable for Facebook and LinkedIn. We offer a complete takeover, designing and posting content on your business Facebook and LinkedIn Pages as well as personal profiles. We participate in relevant Groups’ discussions freeing you from the burden of being online all the time. Let us make sure your digital presence is present. Strategies and content discussed and approved before going live.

Community Helper

A social media package suitable for established social media presence brands looking to employ extra help with their strategies and content. We work closely with your team, reviewing your current digital strategy and collaborating to design content together, sharing community management duties. This is a customised package. Please get in touch to discuss more details.

* Discounts apply when paid 6 or 12 months in advance – get in touch for more details.


Each additional Facebook advertisement management – $120 / month

Each additional social media channel – $190 / month

We try to keep our packages unified; which makes it easier for us to manage our business; therefore spend more time working with you. However, if you still want to customise your package, please get in touch to discuss available options.

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I have had the pleasure of having Anna work on my projects for last 18 months. In this time I have found Anna to be very diligent, hardworking, supportive and an absolute expert in her field – could have not run my project without her. Currently she is managing two of my businesses social media presence. She works hard, always pays attention to detail and treats my work as if it was her own. Anna has excellent communications skills and always responds readily to any enquiry I may have; and I often ask many questions. I love it! She always listens and suggests best advice, working well for me each time. She is absolutely the queen of content and an inspirational business woman. Thank you, Anna!”

Sam Ali
CEO, Reliance Media Pty Ltd